News - 2015 Archive


November 2015

12/11/2015   We have been very busy over the past few months continuing with work from A&J Fabtech and many others with new work from Durham Air Conditioning. We have also recently had our company logo 'enhanced'. As well as our new logo we also have a new member of staff join our team, our new Admin Assistant Lauren joined us late October. On our Facebook page there is an images update of recent work we have taken on alongside some on-going work updates.  

July 2015

29/07/2015 It has been a very busy couple of months for us which have meant that updating the website and social media have taken a backseat. We have recently been busy finishing off the concept work with Ocean-Tec Services Ltd, We have been continually busy working with Twin Services Ltd producing and updating layout drawings for them and we have also been busy continuing to work with on the development work that has been ongoing for a few months now as well as work on a different project. We have managed to also pick up some work for A&J Fabtech which has seen us doing some Excel/VBA work which has made a change. Along side all of this there have been a few smaller projects and we have gone global!! Currently we have some work for a client in Canada which is seeing us provide 3D CAD support for an ongoing product development project.

April 2015

Just completed 3 days on site at Ocean-Tec Systems Ltd in Darlington, helping with some 3D conceptual design work.

We are pleased to announce that we are once again supporting Circus Starr and their upcoming event at Stewarts Park.

March 2015

There hasn't been any updates recently due to being really busy with work recently being vary varied.
We have continued to work with Twin Services as we have done for the past 2 years.
The project for is still ongoing and is getting closer to completion.
The first part of the project for Air 8 (UK) Limited has now been completed, hopefully we will work with them again on the next part of the project.
We have just completed our first major modelling and rendering project for RDW Creative. The project involved modelling and rendering a 'flu virus'. The project did have issues as we were learning as we went along but the final outcome was excellent. Looking forward to now seeing the final images in print.
We are currently working on a 3D CAD project for WSG Interior Systems. This project is for Samsung experience zones which are to feature in Currys/PC World.
Looking forward to building on these new relationships and continuing to be busy throughout the rest of 2015.

We have made it to 2 years today! It has been a hard year due to a lot of events in our control and out of it. I would like to thank those who have been with us from the start for their continued support.
This last year has seen a number of new clients, some of which we now have now joined the list of clients that we regularly work with. Thanks everybody involved and all clients old and new, here's to another year at least.

February 2015

09/02/2015 The last couple of weeks have seen a continuation of work on the unicycle saddle project for and more work for Twin Services Ltd. As well as the work for these established clients there has also been some work for 3 new clients, New Energy and Electrical Ltd - producing electrical layout drawings (continuation of work picked up just before Christmas), The Brew - Producing seating plan/layout drawings, and Jenkinson & Associates Ltd - produce marquee layout drawings from sketches. 

January 2015

Steady start to 2015 with continued work from and Twin Services Ltd and interesting work on a 'Garden Party' for Cube Communications Ltd - images to follow shortly.

Happy New Year to all, lets see what 2015 brings.