CAD Services


3D CAD - 3D Engineering/Product Design

2D drawings converted to 3D solid models.

Models also produced from sketches or photos.

Concept modelling.

Assembly modelling.

Sustainability analysis of parts.

Sheet metal patterns produced from 3D models.

Costing of Parts/Assemblies.

Components/assemblies physically measured.

Models and drawings created based on physical measurements.

Models created for use in instruction manuals.

Single models or assembly/operation sequences.

Modelling for brochures etc.

Rendered models.

Assembly verification.

Computational assembly of components to help eliminate clashes or ill fitting components.

Clash detection.

Interference detection and tolerance stacking.

Mass calculations.

Weights of components/assemblies found based on material properties.

Centre of gravity identification.

Animation of assemblies.

Engineering drawing creation.

2D manufacturing drawing creation  including exploded assemblies.

Multiple part/assembly variations.

Assemblies modelled as single parts.

For integration into other peoples assemblies/layouts.


2D CAD - 2D Design and Draughting

As Built/As Fitted drawings created.

Created from client sketches.

PDF to DWG conversion.

Original PDF drawings converted to fully editable AutoCAD files.

Fabrication drawings produced.

Templates/Drawing Borders created.

Components/assemblies physically measured.

Drawings of parts/assemblies created from measurements.

Drawings created for use in instruction manuals.

Single parts or assembly/operation sequences.

Sketches converted to engineering drawings.

Paper drawings redrawn on AutoCAD.

Layouts for rooms, events etc produced.

Automatic drawing creation via Excel.


General - Administrative and Non-CAD services.

Microsoft document creation.

Excel, Word, Powerpoint & Publisher.

Admin tasks.

Writing up minutes, typing etc.

PDF document conversion.

Conversion of PDF documents to fully editable Word or Excel documents.

Existing Excel and Word documents updated.

Excel and Word linking.

To each other and other external programs.

Calculation sheet creation.

Selection chart automation.

Data extraction.

Graphs and charts creation.

A3/A4 Photocopying and printing.

OCR and scanning of documents (A4 and A3 size).

Lamination of documents up to A4.

Anything else considered on request