Spirit Fires Ltd, Newton Aycliffe:- Production of 3D models for new prototype fires. Models produced from existing drawings and physical samples which were measured.

Marie Campbell:- Production of 3D model from a photo.

Labman Automation Ltd, Stokesley:- 3D modelling support for some automated machines that they were working on. Some of the work was done at their offices.

Brian Lovell:- Production of 3D designs from initial sketched concept for some innovative small pet homes.

A&J Water Treatment Ltd, Barnsley:- 2D & 3D CAD support along with Excel/VBA work to aid them in the enhancement of their products.

Twin Services Ltd, Stockton:- Alteration and creation of 2D layout drawings for the services that they provide.

Cityline Projects Ltd, Harlow:- Calculation of wall area and block quantity. Layout of walls within building.

Subsea Renewables Ltd, Darlington:- Providing technical services (3D CAD).

Ham Baker Adams Ltd, York:- AutoCAD drawing work to help out their busy drawing office.

A&J Fabtech, Dewsbury:- Altering and updating spreadsheets as well as 2D and 3D technical support for a number of different projects/clients including Sellafield.

Lytestream Electrical Engineers and Contractors Ltd, Darlington:- Converting hand drawn electrical schematics to AutoCAD and producing layout drawings of services that they were offering on a project.

Stockshed Ltd:- Altering of some existing AutoCAD Drawings.

Yorkshire Care Equipment Ltd:- Creating an AutoCAD drawing for a proposal from a hand sketch/picture.

blueberry Home Solutions:- Providing technical services (3D CAD) for 3D printing., Billingham:- 3D assistance with ongoing product development for a number of different products.

New Energy and Electrical Ltd, Cinderford:- Creation of 2D layout drawings for the services that they were providing.

Cube Communications Ltd, London:- Creation of 3D rendered 'Garden Party' for new client pitch.

The Brew, London:- Creation of 2D seating plan/layout for their new Co-Working space.

Jenkinson & Associates Ltd, Lutterworth:- Creation of 2D marquee layout drawings.

Air 8 (UK) Limited, Rugeley:- 3D modelling of new ventilation system & production of installation drawings/renders. 2D and 3D CAD support for various projects.

RDW Creative Ltd, Eaglescliffe:- Creation of 3D rendered 'Flu Virus'.

WSG Interior Systems Ltd, Leeds:- Providing 3D CAD support for various retail display projects.

Ileana Robbiati:- Conversion of PDF documents to Word.

Outdoor Digital Media Ltd, Ware:- Creation of 3D building construction illustrations.

Ocean-Tec Systems Ltd, Darlington:- 3D CAD support for conceptual design project.

Sam W:- 2D Building layout.

Daniel D:- Creation of 3D model from 2D image.

Paul Gill, Canada:- 3D CAD support for product design/development projects.

Rotalac Plastics Ltd, Manchester:- 3D CAD support for profile development and tooling design.

Durham Air Conditioning Ltd, Langley Moor:- Alteration and creation of 2D layout drawings for the services that they are providing.


Everest Data Centres, Reading:- Altering of 2D layout drawings.

Ash Reza:- 3D CAD support for product design/development projects.

IQ Engineers Ltd, York:- 2D/3D CAD support for various one off projects. Excel/Word document creation. Creation of 3D rendered images for catalogues.

Root4 LLP, Chalgrove:- 3D CAD support for development project.

Orbis Engineering Services Ltd, Stafford:- 2D and 3D drawing support for pipework projects.

Cubex (UK) Ltd, Huyton:- 2D drawing support, updating of drawings.

​DH Potter & Co., Hartlepool:- ​Production of electrical installation drawings. Dalec UK Limited, Keighley:- ​Production of electrical installation drawings. Czech & Speake, London:- ​ 2D and 3D CAD support.

WB Construction Ltd, Darlington:- 2D CAD support for as fitted layout drawings.

​DMS Northern Ltd, Gateshead:- ​2D CAD support for as fitted layout drawings.

Warrior Equine Ltd, Ripon:- ​3D development of product idea/concept & technical support. 

SW Metalcraft Ltd, King's Lynn:- ​3D Stairway design for numerous stairways on a London based project. 

Solar Fire Services Ltd, Gatwick Airport:- ​2D CAD layouts for fire alarm systems they are supplying including Zoning drawings.

P McGuinness & Co Ltd, Manchester:- ​Production of Demolition scope of works 2D drawings.

111 Racing:- ​3D design for new product and 3D printing of prototype. The Monster Factory, Ascot:- ​3D product design for Unique and Unusual Gifts. Hog Heaven BBQ, Hertford:- ​CAD work for laser cut custom smoker grills. Viwa UK, London:- ​CAD work for display unit and event layout.

Redtronic Limited, Elland:- ​Production of 3D CAD model of products & design support.

Alpha Dog Grooming, Eaglescliffe:- ​3D product design for new product and 3D printing of prototypes.

Electrotec Electrical Contractors Ltd, Hartlepool:- ​2D CAD support for as fitted layout drawings.

LMB Enterprises Ltd, High Blantyre:- 3D product design tweeks to products which they are going to market with.

Cardiff Craftsmen Ltd, Cardiff:- 3D concept design for variation on existing product.

Brand Events Ltd, London:- 3D event layout visualisation for new client exhibition stand.

Active Tagging Ltd, Leeds:- 2D CAD layouts for tag alarm systems they are supplying.

Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd, Manchester:- 3D conversion of products and production of parametric drawings and drawings for CNC.

David Kitchen Associates Ltd, Stockton:- Drawing conversion.

Duralock Fencing Systems Ltd,  Chipping Norton:- Production of product drawings for new datasheets. Extraction of fencing sizes/data for large fencing projects.

Rosh Engineering Ltd,  Blaydon-on-Tyne :- Re-drawing of old hand drawn electrical schematics & transformer drawings.


Smulders Projects Ltd,  Wallsend :- Conversion of 3D wind turbine model into model for 3D printing. 3D printing support.

Love Our Little Blue Dot Ltd (Seapigs), Newcastle:- Product development for new footwear range and 3D printing/Laser cutting support.

Remote Surveillance Ltd, Bristol:- Production of layout drawings show equipment positions.

Sea and Land Project Engineering,  New Malden :- Conversion of 3D wind turbine into model for high quality 3D printing for exhibition display. 3D printing support.