January 2018

18/01/2019   We are pleased to announce that our Acyrlic items can now be made from 100% recycled Acrylic. 


02/01/2019   Happy New Year everybody.
2018 was a big year for us. We moved out of the garden shed into an office and then into our permanent workshop/office space. We purchased our laser cutter and started the laser cutting side of the business while also growing the existing CAD/Engineering/Product design side of the business. On top of this, we also purchased another 3D printer allowing us to increase our prototyping capabilities and to enable us to print larger items.
2018 brought us a lot of ups and a lot of downs. In 2019 we are looking forward to continuing from where we left off in 2018 (hopefully with less downs!) and we are looking forward to continuing to work with those people who have supported us for a while (Twin Services Ltd,, Orbis Engineering Services, Durham Air Conditioning Ltd & Redtronic Limited) as well as those new clients which we have had the pleasure of working with in 2018. Hopefully there will be more new clients through 2019 to add to the growing list of clients we currently have as well as some other exciting things happening.