Laser Cutting/Engraving

'Gothic' rose cut from 3mm MDF, sprayed matt black & finished off with laser cut red gloss Vinyl

With our brand new 100w Glass CO2 laser cutting machine we now have the capability to cut/engrave a wide variety of materials (see below) to a maximum size of 1300mm x 900mm. We also have the ability to engrave existing objects such as toyboxes, stools etc as well as also being able to engrave on cylindrical objects such as glasses.

Laser cut logo sign cut from 3 colours of 3mm Acrylic and assembled by the client

We can cut/engrave using files created by us from scratch to the customers requirements or using customer files. We are able to use DWG, DXF, JPG and BMP file formats.

We can finish items using a variety of finishes to make items food safe, weatherproof etc. and we can work with customers materials to try and achieve what is required.

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Product Range

Building/Logo signage

We can create fantastic, professional wall signs based on company logo or branding. Signs can be made from acyrlic in multiple colours/thicknesses which can be assembled (by us or by the customer) to produce high quality, good looking 3D effect wall signs. Ideal for office fronts, meeting rooms, exhibitions, receptions and more. Signs can also be cut from acrylic which has been printed by a third party enhancing the effect and design further.

Warning/Information signs

Signs can be produced in a variety of different colours and colour combinations in sizes to suit. Signs are produced in ABS laminate, dual colour Acrylic or Traffolyte.

CE marking/Equipment signs

Signs can be produced in a variety of different colours and colour combinations in sizes to suit and can include Company Logos and various amonts of information to suit costomer needs. Signs are produced in ABS laminate, dual colour Acrylic or Traffolyte.

Promotional Items

We can produce a wide variety of promotional items from keyrings to drinks mats, in Acrylic, Slate, MDF and more.

'The One' Business Card

'The One' Business card is a re-usable eco-friendly business card. Made from 2mm MDF, this business card isn't used in the same way as traditional business cards. Instead of having a large qty produce you only have 1 or 2 of these made and instead of handing them out, the person client/customer etc photographs the card or uses a card recognition app to extract the data. If the card isn't needed then the photo/info is deleted instead of being put in the bin. Also, as there is only 1 or 2 copies of the card, if details change the amount of wastage is minimal instead of a large quantity of unused cards being put in the bin.

Gaskets & Components

We can produce laser cut, custom gaskets from Gasket Paper, rubber and cork. We can also produce replacement parts such as washers and spacers. All gaskets/components can be produced either from customer drawings or from existing parts which can be measured and reproduced.

Artwork & Decorative features

We can create features and art pieces from sketches or customer designs and replicate them in MDF, acrylic or more. Pieces can be produced to use as decorative wall features, features on furniture etc. or as artwork in their own right.

Gifts & gift ideas

We have a range of gift ideas which are currently available through our online 'Little Shed Creations' shop and we can also produce a wide range of custom gifts to suit all needs.

Customisable Items

We can create customised wall plaques, nameplates and a wide variety of other items in a variety of materials.

Wedding items

We produce a wide variety of Wedding items from postboxes to paper/card place settings, wedding invites etc.


We can produce packaging for gifts, small products in quantities from 1-2 and small/medium production runs. Packaging can be produce in single colour card or laminated, dual colour card. Packaging produced with either etched or perforated design.

Decorative Grills/Fretwork

Jali or Jaali is a Hindi term for perforated or latticed screens constructed through the use of caligraphy or geometry and is commonly found in Hindu temple architecture, Indo-Islamic architecture and more generally in Islamic Achitecture. We have a wide range of standard Jali style designs which can be used for Radiator grilles etc and can produce custom designs to order. Grills can be produced in varying thicknesses of MDF, acrylic and more.

Misc Items

As well as all of the items we regularly produce if you have anything else you require in any material we will work together to produce what is required